About ALC

Our church family desires to be a community that earnestly seeks to discover what it means to be true followers of Jesus. Our expression is found in three simple, powerful words: Celebrate, Connect, and Serve.

Celebrate God. Connect with others in authentic community. Serve Christ by serving our community & the world!

Here's our Mission

Sincere acceptance...prove it!

As followers of Jesus, we will offer everyone our sincere acceptance, introducing them to God's grace and love.

Here's our Vision

We are a community of everyday people who live for more than ourselves.

All are welcome into God’s family, regardless of our past, to engage in God’s abundant life. Together, we are telling better stories: 

Christ so BIG He can embrace all of our friends, so much LIFE we want to give it away and of redeeming, world changing LOVE

Here are our Values

Everyone is Valuable

  • We will respond with extraordinary friendliness

  • We will give compassionate outreach

  • We will facilitate patient interaction

Everyone needs Authentic Relationships

  • We will seek honest accountability

  • We will cherish family

  • We will nurture growth in others

Everyone has Purpose

  • We will encourage uniqueness

  • We will embrace differences

  • We will pursue life impact

Everyone should Share their Story

  • We will recognize God's grace

  • We will value each other's journey

  • We will celebrate God's progress

Here's what we Believe

In the middle of the everyday challenges we face in our world, God offers Himself as a guide to experience a life of significance and hope for the future. The character of God is proven by:

  • God's power when I can't

  • God's blessing not always seen

  • God's companionship in the face of fear

  • God's calling when you don't know where you're going

  • God's mercy in every situation

  • God's love even when others don't

  • God's presence whether I feel it or not

  • God's grace no matter what happens

These are meant to affirm, not replace the 16 Fundamental Truths and 4 Cardinal Doctrines of the Assemblies of God with whom we are affiliated.