Our mission can be summed up by four words: Sincere Acceptance... Prove it.

As followers of Jesus, we will offer everyone our sincere acceptance, introducing them to God's grace and love.

We take the words of Jesus to love our neighbor very seriously. We aim to prove that Abundant Life Church (ALC) is a welcoming “come as you are” place, filled with accepting people. You don’t have to ‘have it all together’ when you show up here. In fact, if you did, you might be pretty uncomfortable, because we’re a community of imperfect people who are doing our best to let Jesus transform us into healthier, happier people.

Because everyone should hear the Good News of Jesus Christ our intention is to make ALC a place where everyone feels welcome when they walk through our doors.

And because we want people who never darken our doors to know about Jesus we spend time outside of ALC showing God’s Love in practical ways to the local community. Check out our I Love Glen Burnie page to learn more about it!