As great as Sunday worship services are, there are things that just can’t happen in that setting. Maybe you wanted to go a little deeper on the content, or ask a follow up question. Maybe you would love to hear what other people are thinking about what is being said. Maybe you've got something happening in your life that's totally separate from the message and you need people to come alongside you to pray for you and support you. 

That's what Life Groups and Midweek Classes are for!


Life groups are where a group of people who are willing to add more people to their circle of friend join to encourage one another as everyone seeks to grow in faith.

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Midweek classes at ALC is where you get a change to build on top of your Sunday. That may be a support group like Celebrate Recovery or a class that hits a topic you want to learn more about.

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Everyone needs authentic relationships:
- we will seek honest accountability
- we will cherish family
- we will nurture growth in others
— Abundant Life Church Values