Cultivate Creatively the awareness of God

What is it that we need to do?

We need to cultivate a culture that promotes art. Make art an extension of expression that is transcendent in our context.

Why is it important?

-Throughout scripture we see a call and a response. Where God calls and we are to respond.
-Creative Art allows us to communicate in ways that standard forms of communication don’t allow us to.
-Surpass the boundaries that are created in standard forms of communication.

How are we going to do it?

Jesus gave a great example: before a miracle took place, before He got the disciples together, He left His throne in heaven. Giving us the perfect example of how we need to get out of our position, so we can help others step into their purpose.

Re-purpose and re-position.

How can you reposition yourself to make room for someone else’s purpose?

How can I effectively be led by God to do His will with the gifts He has entrusted me?