We pray prayers all the time; some are about serious stuff:

  • Dear Jesus, please heal (insert name here)
  • Dear Jesus, help me find a job so I can make ends meet
  • Dear Jesus, help me with my faith

Or sometimes our prayers are about “superficial” stuff:

  • Dear Jesus, make the Beltway traffic be light today
  • Dear Jesus, help me lose this weight … again
  • Dear Jesus, please save a parking spot right up front

What about when we pray and then we get “an opportunity”?

Like when we pray for patience and then the only cashier has a long line?

Or we ask God to help us be His image bearer and then someone at home or work flares up at us and we have to remember whose we are?

Does He hear our prayers? How can we be sure? How can we hear Him?

In this series, we’ll be looking at the biggest prayer needs in our community and how we can allow God to work through us to help Him meet them.

We’ll be exploring the idea that prayer changes us and deepens our relationship with God. Remember, it isn’t God Who changes – it’s us.

June 25:  The World is Going to Hell

July 2:  Why Am I So Tired?

July 9:  Will You Save My Friends?

July 16:  I Need More Money!

July 23:  Will You Heal Me?

July 30:  Are You There?

Find out more and sign up at alclive.com/gls for best prices.

Find out more and sign up at alclive.com/gls for best prices.

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