Cannonball | Waves of Hope

A CANNONBALL is a fun, wild leap. When God speaks, we want to respond with an exhilarating leap. We believe that God is refreshing and renewing His vision for our church in this community. Back in the late 1980’s, this church risked a lot for the future. Those people jumped into a big vision. They fought for the church to grow and expand. We have been given the opportunity to embrace that risk by taking a big CANNONBALL leap, here and now, for the future of God’s ministry through our church. Not only will we respond; we know we need his help to take the leap!

This next series of sermons has a big, energetic theme: CANNONBALL. Our theme verse for CANNONBALL is Romans 15:8 (MSG), “This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant...” That verse says it all. God is calling us to trust him for big things, not to simply “tend graves.” He’s telling us to pray big, adventurously expectant prayers!

We want to be a church that matters. We want to join hands with the pioneers who took big leaps, and by jumping in with our best CANNONBALL, we can write new, fresh chapters. And because of Christ, we believe that we can’t really fail—unless we fail to risk boldly, trust deeply and sacrifice for His purposes. Our goal isn’t to check off some financial goals over the next two years. Our goal is about having generous hearts; to define who we are as a church in this next, fresh season of God’s vision.

Will you jump in and make waves?