F Words | Failure

Jesus probably doesn’t use the “F word” (ok, we know he doesn’t). But let’s be honest- we hear the F Word all the time: in our music, movies and TV, and in everyday conversation. The word is pretty commonplace- and using it will turn some heads (especially in church). It’s considered “adult” language- but it’s used in very childish ways.

We act like children more than we’d like to admit: like how we deal with success and failure, or the way we treat those closest to us. It’s easy to just do what comes naturally and be desensitized to the very things in life that God created to be holy. In the month of June, we’re unpacking four “F Words” that we stumble over all the time. God wants to redeem every “F Word” we’ve ever dealt with- let’s start with these and pray we learn his way of redemption.