God Never Said That | You will never be given more than you can handle

The enemy tempted Eve in Genesis 3 by asking, “Did God really say?” to plant a seed of unbelief and distrust in her heart. He then proceeded to twist‐‐ slightly‐‐ the true words of God. He does the same today. We grab onto these twisted words because they sound close enough to be true. They are the lies we tell embrace based on what we've heard form others, or on what we feel most comfortable with‐ like using the Bible to justify anything, to cherry picking verses to get what we want, or simply wanting quick comfort for ourselves or others. We use these words to comfort and judge and to condone and condemn. But a lot of them are not what God really said. Let's work hard to look at what God really said through scripture. When we do, some of the cliche phrases we've heard used will prove to be unhelpful, while others may be keeping us from embracing God's healing truth.