Our church started out in 1957 as a glimmer in the eyes of two normal but crazy people, Charles and Sue. They were normal in that they lived and worked and lived in Glen Burnie. They were crazy because they thought they could start a church even though they weren’t “pastors.” And here we are, Abundant Life Church, 60 years later. 

Have you ever been called crazy? Did you know that there is a good kind of crazy that ferociously loves and accepts people regardless of their past? Or the good kind of crazy that surprises unsuspecting people with dizzying kindness? 

All of us can live an outside the box, good crazy kind of life. All of us can accept others, establish authentic friendships, care passionately about injustice, help to raise the quality of life around us and be a hub of hope. Our lives can can make an impact far beyond our years here. Join us as we look back and look ahead and investigate what it takes to live “crazy like us.”