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Have you ever felt something when you heard a worship song or a sermon? Have you ever wondered what you should do with that feeling? Maybe it was a goose bump. Maybe it wasn’t noticeable at first, but later it became apparent that it was there. We often feel a certain way when we hear God’s truth. The question is really, what are we to do with that feeling? 

Rooted is a sermon series that will help us take that feeling and put it into action. Being rooted
brings us strength; it reshapes how we live. It’s much more than a
feeling kind of thing. It motivates us to move closer to God. When we do
that, He begins to grow the gifts He has given us and helps us grow
strong in our relationship with Him, especially in life’s tough times. 

Being rooted in God’s truth builds a firm foundation; the Holy Spirit is ready to be a partner to work
with and through each of us. When we are firmly rooted, we won’t depend on
our feelings, but on God, Himself, to guide and sustain us.