We often ask ourselves, “Can I really trust God?”

But, trust works both ways. 

In this series, we’ll look at trust from God’s perspective: “Can God trust me with what He’s given me? How do I become a trustworthy disciple with what He’s given me? And what’s in it for me if He does trust me?”

It takes trust to rely on God. It takes trust to follow God’s practical wisdom when it comes to money and its issues. God’s wisdom always leads to freedom from the weight of debt and lack.

Maybe you’ve said things like, “All the church wants is my money. I don’t have enough for myself as it is. So, what’s up with that?” Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that, too!

It really is God’s desire for us to be free. We’ll be offering the Financial Peace University for anyone that wants to take a practical next step during this series. Trust God and build your life as a trustworthy one when it comes to how you manage what He has given you.