Bookbag Sponsorship

Total Sponsored Bookbags

Help us sponsor 500 Bookbags for children in the Glen Burnie area

$30 will allow you to sponsor a filled bookbag

Text "Bookbags 30" to 855-976-3999
(To sponsor 2 bookbags, text "Bookbags 60" and for 3 bookbags "Bookbags 90," etc)

We are sponsoring:

George Cromwell Elementary      Marley Elementary
North Glen Elementary                  Point Pleasant Elementary
Glendale Elementary                      Hilltop Elementary
Solley Elementary                           Woodside Elementary

Welcome to I Love Glen Burnie

Glen Dirty. The Dirty Burn. We've all heard the jokes about Glen Burnie (and maybe made a few ourselves).

But here's the thing: God loves Glen Burnie. He cares about the people in this community. The abundant life Jesus promises in John 10:10 applies to the men, women and kids who live, work, and go to school in Glen Burnie.

We have a vision to love our community through the I LOVE GLEN BURNIE initiative.

Here we are acting on that vision and seeking to show the love of Jesus Christ to His people. Join us at our next service project. Everyone is welcome.

Through our volunteers we get to serve our community. Our outreach programs spread love in our surrounding areas by serving our teachers, students, community heroes, homeless and more.

In 2017, we've distributed over 1,400 "blessing bags", food and warmth to our homeless; celebrated with an Easter Egg Hunt in the community where we served over 300 families; honored our teachers with food & goodies during teacher appreciation; sent love to hospitals and much more.

Here are some easy, practical ways you can love on your community:


Here are other ways you can make a difference

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